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In 2020 – we’re all experts at staying home right!? These might actually be the easiest gifts to buy because we’ve been confined to our homes this year  (I’m not complaining). We’ve also had a lot of time to think about items that would be useful around the house. With that said, here are some items that I’m putting on my personal wish list that would improve my time at home this holiday season.


The faucet that does it all.

Let’s face it, we’ve been using every inch of our homes this year. More than we’d like to admit I’m sure. I can bet that your kitchen sink is getting A LOT of love these days so why not make those every day tasks fun! Hear me out – when I heard about the brand new U by Moen Smart Faucet it literally blew my mind. Not only are these faucets gorgeous (I chose the brushed nickel) but they can be voice activated with touchless technology. Say what!??!? You can literally just ask your alexa or google home for precise measurements and temperatures from your faucet. Need to fill the dog bowl but you’re struggling to get the kids bundled up – just ask your faucet. Doing some holiday baking with the kids and need your pot filled? Just ask for your measurements. They can be as small as a table spoon or as large as 15 gallons without touching your faucet. Such a practical gift that you or someone in your family will love. They’ll be thanking you every day of the year!

A modern take on a classic.

For the whiskey lover in your family, get them something unique this year. Jameson Whiskey has just launched a limited-edition Jameson Cold Brew. It’s a modern take on the traditional Jameson Irish Whiskey that you know and love. It offers a fresh take on two distinct tastes and is infused with cold brew coffee flavour. You can mix it up over ice, shake it up in a cocktail or just enjoy on it’s own in the comfort of your own home. As a coffee lover myself, I’m excited to make some specialty cocktails this holiday season. These are on my list:

  • Jameson Cold Brew & Tonic — Take this popular drink from the café to the bar. Refreshing and simple to make: Fill a highball glass with ice and pour in 50mL of Jameson Cold Brew. Top glass with 125mL of tonic water and garnish with a wedge of orange.
  • Jameson Cold Brew Martini – Fill 2oz of Jameson Cold Brew in your martini shaker. Add 1 shot of espresso and .5oz of chocolate syrup. Shake well. Garnish with shaved chocolate and enjoy! A chocolate coffee martini.

A coffee experience on a whole new level.

According to the Canadian Coffee Association coffee is the most popular beverage among adults in Canada (even more than water). I’m not surprised, I have a cup on hand all day every day. With that being said, I couldn’t wait to test out the brand new Keurig K-Supreme Plus Single Serve Coffee Maker. Personally, I like strong coffee so I love that this coffee maker has innovative MultiStream Technology to give me the most consistent flavour in my K-Cup Pod with it’s five needles. With two kids, our entire family living and working at home AND finishing up our recent home reno…. I’ll take the strongest coffee I can get lol. The Keurig K Supreme Plus actually allows you to choose from three levels of strengths and different temperatures too. Funny story, I was getting coffee for my sister recently when she asked me to order ice in it. I thought pardon me!? Ice in your coffee!? It’s because her teeth are a little more sensitive. So when I heard that my new coffee maker had a cooler temperature setting I knew she’d love it! Not everyone loves a hot steaming up but I sure do.

Home decor with a personal touch.

A friend of mine just launched her shop – The English Arch – and it’s soo good! She’s got adorable pillows blankets and hand made items. I honestly want it all. Have you heard of wood turning before? I hadn’t. Megan was telling me that she hand carves pieces of wood into beautiful ornaments, vases, bowls and candle holders. You’ll see them on her shop (they’re truly amazing). I love that each item (including the pillows) is one of a kind. The fact that she makes them by hand just makes my heart happy too. I can almost guarantee that you’ll find some beautiful gifts for the homebody in your life on her site.

Art that brings back memories.

On of my favourite artists – Jordan Mikal – is known for recreating cherished photos from trips and making them into incredible works of art for her clients. I literally cried when I opened up the piece she made for us. Last year, I sent Jordan a photo from our trip to California. It was one of my all time favourites. She worked her magic and voila! Every single time I look at that piece I think back to our little family vacation. What makes it that much more special is the fact that another vacation is non existent in the near future. This piece was without a doubt going to be hung somewhere we could see it everyday and the kitchen seemed like the perfect place.  If you’re thinking about gifting yourself something really special this holiday season… this could be it!

That’s a wrap. Hope you have a safe and happy holiday season at home.


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