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Our Master Bathroom Reveal

Two years ago when we purchased this home we knew ONE day we’d get to our master bathroom. It was dated and needed a good reno but we felt we could ‘live with it’ for a few years. Well, that one day finally came and we couldn’t be happier.

Jaclyn Harper Designs Bathroom Reno


When planning  out our space I looked at a few different configurations. Ultimately, I was thinking I’d put a shower at the far end of our bathroom, install a smaller vanity, scooch the toilet over and have a claw foot tub where the existing bath was.  I think this would have made for a really functional space. That thought changed pretty quickly over a weekend when we bought a new house. Surprise… WE’RE MOVING AGAIN!! With that said, we wanted to keep this reno on a tight budget. Things would stay where they were so that we wouldn’t need to move any plumbing and we could get things started right away.

Jaclyn Harper - Harper Designs Master Bathroom Renovation



First off, I fell in love with these tiles from StoneImpressions. They were a quick ship option, I LOVED the pattern and they were unlike anything I had seen before. I started playing with the idea of using the Avery tile as a feature wall and didn’t look back. I reached out to Stone Impressions and was over the moon when they wanted to collaborate on our project. They shipped us the hand selected Carrara Marble tiles all the way from San Diego. When I opened up the package I seriously couldn’t believe my eyes. The pattern on each individual tile looked so hand crafted and luxurious. I swear, we’re going to miss them in our new home.

Jaclyn Harper - Harper Designs Master Bathroom Renovation


Next up, the vanity. We went with the 60″ Ashburn Vanity from Foremost available online at The Home Depot Canada. It was the perfect size for our space and the colour is GORGEOUS! My favourite part? That it has feet. It really looks like a piece of furniture. We decided to add an additional sink and it’s so functional for us. Before, we had so much counter space that we really didn’t need. We ordered the vanity online and it was shipped to our door (countertop, sinks and all).

Jaclyn Harper - Harper Designs Master Bathroom Renovation

Jaclyn Harper - Harper Designs Master Bathroom RenovationFAUCETS & HARDWARE

When it came to our faucets I decided to go with matte black. I really love that the faucets don’t match the hardware on the vanity. The mixed metals work so well in our bathroom. This also allowed me to incorporate a polished nickel shower head and some polished nickel in our vanity light. We ordered towel racks and our toilet paper holder in the same matte black collection from Pfister. They’re stunning! The moments of black in the room really work so well with everything else we have going on. You can find our faucet here . It’s exclusive to The Home Depot Canada and I couldn’t be more thrilled to recommend it. The water ribbons as it pours, the design can work with any bathroom aesthetic, it came with an easy to install push to seal drain, it has a lifetime warranty AND there are other finishes to choose from. Major win!

Jaclyn Harper - Harper Designs Master Bathroom Renovation


When planning our bathroom reno we thought we’d be able to incorporate Saniflo into our project. When they explained to me how it worked I jumped on the opportunity for a collaboration. In the end, we didn’t end up moving any plumbing and didn’t need to use their system but I can assure you… we’ll be using it in our next home and I’ll be telling my friends about it. What is it exactly? Let me explain:

The Saniflo Sanicompact is the system that I’m referring to. Get this, if you’re looking to install a toilet in a trailer, a cottage, a basement or anywhere that requires you to move plumbing LISTEN UP! Here are some of the benefits:

  • It has a macerating system with a stainless steel blade so you’ll never need repair or replacement.
  • It has a motor so it’s great for a small space.
  • It’s tankless.
  • It has a dual flush.
  • It’s self vented.
  • It can pump upwards 9 ft.
  • It can pump horizontally 120 ft.
  • It can tie into your existing sewage line, septic tank or holding tank.

So picture this, you want to install a new bathroom in your basement. Instead of spending thousands of dollars to rip up the floor to connect to a sewer system the Saniflo Sanicompact can sit on a finished floor and tie directly into your current system. Sounds pretty great right? I thought so.

Jaclyn Harper - Harper Designs Master Bathroom Reenovation


Tiles: StoneImpressions | Faucet: The Home Depot | Tub: The Home Depot | Towel Bar: The Home Depot | Hand Towel Bar: The Home Depot | Toilet Paper Holder: The Home Depot | Vanity: The Home Depot  | Turkish Towels: House of Jude

*Special thank you to House of Jude for supplying their GORGEOUS Turkish Towels for my reveal. They are just as beautiful in person.


  1. Jessica says

    The bathroom looks great! For a shower/tub combo, do you generally recommend using a shower curtain or a glass panel?

    • Jh6969_JH@ says

      Thanks so much Jessica! Really appreciate the kind words.

      We’ve used a glass panel before and I personally prefer the shower curtain. It’s really personal preference. With a toddler I find the shower curtain so much easier to move out of the way when we’re bathing our little one. Also much easier to keep clean. Hope this helps.

      Thanks again for the comment.

  2. Peter Wallace says

    Hi Jackie. I really like the new bathroom. Those wall tiles from stone impressions with the black hexagonal floor tiles look great. It all fits well with the cabinets and the color scheme.
    I have the same preference for shower curtains. The thought of how grungey the inside of the track, of a sliding door, can get makes me cringe.

  3. C.O.P.D. here says

    The limited budget did not interfere with the transformation of your home. Literally every element is important and essential for creating a comfortable environment.

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