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Well it’s time for a new feature… TRENDY TUESDAYS!

Jaclyn Colville Icicle Lights.pngPhoto from: Wayfair.ca

This Tuesday I’m sharing some outdoor lights that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE. I mean seriously… a little bit of privacy, a little bit of mood lighting and BAM you’re set for an outdoor party.

Jaclyn Colville Icicle Lighting 2.png

Photo from Pinterest.

When you say ‘Icicle lights’ most people think of Christmas decor. Well hey, at least I do ok?! I’m PUMPED UP for Christmas already and it’s not even summer yet.
Most of you have summer on the brain which means, patios, beaches, outdoors, summer nights and these are the PERFECT lights for entertaining.
Jaclyn Colville Icicle Lighting 3.png

Photo from Pinterest.

K… I know this sounds like  I sell these things but I don’t.
I personally think these would be super cute for an outdoor patio or balcony. What about you? Let me know in the comments below. I always love hearing from you.

Check back tomorrow for the start of ‘ROOM ENVY’.

Jackie xo


  1. Sante says

    I thought that icicle lights were the ones that are short groups of mini lights rather than a long string of individual lights. But then again what do I know I am no interior/exterior decorator. Thanks

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