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Jenna Sue Designs- Bathroom 2.png
You may have seen her work in magazines or ALL OVER Pinterest… I’m talking about Jenna Sue from Jenna Sue Designs. Today, we’re lucky enough to get the FULL tour of her home and I am in HEAVEN!!! (But seriously… I hope heaven looks like this)
I should mention that Jenna has completely transformed her ENTIRE house and I’m telling you… the before pics are NOT pretty. To check out all the before photos click here.
Let’s start with the front Foyer! I love love love how she has painted her door black. It’s a bold move and something that many people are very scared to try. She’s done that beautiful shiplap wall that she’s know for and actually she’s even created an online tutorial for it here. It all just looks so pretty!
Jenna Sue Designs- Foyer.png
Moving along to…. The kicthen! And this is a kitchen to admire. Again, be sure to click that link for the before photos to see what Jenna was working with.
Jenna Sue Designs- Kitchen 1.png
One of my favourite things in this kitchen? The faux blank beams on the ceiling! Don’t they look AMAZING!? Jenna has done such a great job of decorating this HUGE space.
Jenna Sue Designs- Kitchen 2.png
Jenna Sue Designs- Kitchen 3.png
Up next… Let’s head outside for a minute. From entertaining in the kitchen to this AMAZING patio. Can I live here please!? (#butseriously)
Jenna Sue Designs- Patio.pngJenna Sue Designs- Patio 2.png
Ok, now that we’ve seen some entertaining spaces lets checkout a bathroom makeover. Jenna did a phenomenal job with this space. Remember check out the before photos here.
.Jenna Sue Designs - Bathroom .png

If you LOVE LOVE LOVE this bathroom (Like I do) click this link for details.

Jenna Sue Designs- Bathroom 2.png
Guess what?! We’re not done yet. Up next is one of my favourite rooms in the house… The Family Room. In fact, this house has been featured in magazines and I’m not surprised. Are you?Jenna Sue Design- Family Room.png
Jenna Sue Design- Family Room 2.png
And last but DEFINITELY not least is the Master Bedroom. Again… look at those before photos and you wont believe your eyes. Jenna used those faux ceiling beams in the bedroom and you guys know how much I love those. Again, we’re seeing another shiplap wall but in a dark grey (#LOVE IT). She created her own version of ikea storage for either side of the bed and she was able to frame her bedroom window with a friggen STUNNING view of the mountains (… Room Envy).
Jenna Sue Design- Master Bedroom.png
Jenna Sue Design- Master Bedroom 2.png
There are quite a few rooms that I actually couldn’t get to in this blog post so be sure to head to Jenna’s blog to get the FULL Home Tour. And let me know what your favourite room was in the comments below.
Thanks for reading,
-Jackie xo


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