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On this week’s ‘In Your Space’ Segment on Morning Live I teach Annette how to make some adorable (and easy)

Mother’s Day Coasters!

Jaclyn Colville Coasters 10

 Here’s what you’ll  need:

  • 4 Tiles $0.25 each
  • Mod Podge $8.97
  • Photos $0.19 each

My Total Cost: $1.76 for 4 tiles (I had Mod Podge already)

***If you’ve seen these on Etsy you know that they can cost up to $45.00 for a set!***  

Jaclyn Colville Coasters 1

I absolutely LOVE the way this one turned out. How cute is Tim’s daughter!?

Like seriously. That face…

Jaclyn Colville Coasters 3

I printed off pictures from my trip to Europe and I thought they would make for an adorable set of coasters. If you’ve been on a trip with your mom I think landscape shots on your coasters would make for a great gift!

Jaclyn Colville Coasters 4

Last but not least, I picked up these small wooden cubes at the dollar store.

  1. Glue your photo to the group of tiles (using your modpodge).
  2. Let it fully dry.
  3. Put numbers on the back to help you reassemble the cubes.
  4. Use an exacto/kitchen knife to cut the photo to separate the cubes.
  5. You’ve got you’re very own DIY: Puzzle.

Jaclyn Colville Coasters 5

Be sure to watch the video below for the full tutorial:

Jaclyn Colville Coasters 7

Until next time,

Jackie xo


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