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When it comes to entertaining do you dust off the good stuff? You know, your mom’s or your grandmother’s china and flatware that’s been passed down for decades? Well now you can have quality flatware that sees the light of day for every occasion… including breakfast. I’m talking about Gourmet Settings. They give you the gourmet look and feel of expensive flatware but guess what? They’re not expensive! Gourmet settings uses a special process to prepare their stainless steel so that it won’t rust. Their premium stainless steel is what makes it dishwasher safe and it’s why they can provide you with a 25 year warranty. Amazing right? What’s more impressive in my books is the fact that each collection is handcrafted because why does flatware have to be boring!?

Gourmet Settings Decor

This year, I’ve chosen the Avalon Collection for my dining table. It’s got an amazing old world look to it because of the fire tarnished handles and the 3 pronged forks. It’s a great mix of a modern look with classic elegance. Personally, my design style incorporates a lot of crisp whites, bold blacks and warm woods and this collection just emulates that so perfectly! The Avalon pieces really stand out next to my white dishes.

Gourmet Settings Decor

After only having these pieces for a few months I’ve already noticed that everyone wants to pick up the Avalon pieces to see and feel the quality. I swear, they’ve made for great conversation at our table. If you’re thinking about a great gift idea this holiday season I think these would be a great choice. Not only to enjoy this season but to use every day for years to come.

Gourmet Settings Decor

To check out the rest of their collections and to find out more head to gourmetsettings.com.

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