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Hello vacation… in the backyard. Can you just imagine having a space like this? For me, this literally would be HEAVEN.
So lets break down the space. Why are we so envious?

First of all, the wicker furniture is amazing. My hubby and I have just finished a flagstone patio in our backyard. Don’t worry… I’ll be featuring that at some point in the near future. With that in mind, I’ve been on the hunt for some new patio furniture and gosh golly… it’s REALLY expensive. Regardless, if you want a retreat that looks like this, the patio furniture really does make a big difference.


Make sure you have a rug that is big enough for your space. A rug that is too small can actually be distracting in a room.
Second, the plants. There’s nothing like surrounding your self with greenery to make you embrace the outdoors. I LOVE those Luscious palms they have all around the patio and look at the greenery in that massive pot sitting on the side table. A GREAT way to play with height in your outdoor space. Just make sure you put cement blocks, or sand bags inside the pot so it doesn’t blow over in a windstorm and smash.
Third, the pillows. There’s nothing like pillows to make a couch or a bed look completely inviting. I could totally see myself curling up and taking a nap or two (or three or four who am I kidding) on that sectional.
Last but not least, the decor. It’s so important to add your own personal touch. Even in your outdoor space. In this space, I’ve noticed that they have added hanging lanterns on the wall but at different heights. This is a great way to add character to your space and to move your eye from one point to the other. The mirror looks like a sun flower! Perfect for this outdoor space. I could also see them using something a little more Rustic. I love that they have mixed the woods. You’ll notice the warm teak with the dark wicker on the sectional but they work together so well. The chevron rug just brings the entire space together.
Check back tomorrow to ‘GET THE LOOK’.
Jackie xo


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