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The Gift of Time

We’ve all been stuck inside and away from each other for too long! With that said, this year the greatest Father’s Day gift could be the gift of time. Time together or time spent however he wants to spend it. Time is the one thing you can never get back so make it count.

I have a few suggestions to honour the special men in your life. Whether it’s your father, your children’s father, or a special father-figure they’ll love these ideas.

For the Dad Who Likes to Stay Busy

Some father figures are happiest doing. Anything. Everything. For the man who likes to keep busy, make it easier on him to get his jobs done right, giving him more time to enjoy being with loved ones. Better yet, do a project with him – or for him!

The Benchmark Portable Power Washer, available exclusively at Home Hardware, is just so lightweight and convenient, it’s the perfect tool for all of Dad’s outdoor cleaning projects. Not only is this power washer battery operated, making it easy to tackle all those hard-to-reach places, this unit can also draw water from any source: a bucket, a garden hose, or even the lake. (Anyone else thinking of all the jobs Dad can use this for at the cottage?) And with a 20-foot hose – it makes it so easy! This really is a must-have for any Dad who likes to putter.

And as we start to spend more time outdoors, this hand-held power washer is the perfect way to spruce up the outside of the house and enhance your curb appeal. No more having to drag out a heavy, cumbersome unit to get the job done. Dads who like to stay busy will love how easily they can clean up porches, windowsills, steps, doors, walkways, patio furniture, shutters, boats, bikes – get the idea? These fathers will have an endless list of projects they can tackle!

So, whether they get to do a project with you, or complete a job they’ve been putting off because they didn’t have the right tool, Dads who like to stay busy will love this Benchmark unit. And he’ll get a lot of use from it, too! Visit homehardware.ca to find your local Home Hardware store.


Gifts of Great Taste

Different beverages can be a great experience for your Dad, or to enjoy with your Dad. You can pick up the perfect gift at a local LCBO location. They literally have thousands of unique bottles and spirits from around the world, including right here at home. Plus, they have knowledgeable and helpful staff to assist with your pick and can gift package your selection.

I have a few favourite selections I highly recommend.

Louis M. Martini Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon is an ideal choice. It even sounds amazing! This wine has generous ripe dark fruit, oak spice, herb and mocha notes, with a fresh feel. Perfect for enjoying with a steak dinner you made just for him. I know my Dad would just love this!

Next up, a conversation starter, and perfect for the hockey lover: No 99 Wayne Gretzky Hazy Pilsner.  You can gift this to your dad or create an experience with it. This Pilsner breaks away with aromas and flavours of cereal, pear, pepper, and dough with a light floral note. It’s light-bodied and fruity with a long, balanced finish. Think about having Dad over for a pizza or nachos and watching a game together with this pilsner. This could be the perfect addition to your time spent together.

This last suggestion is an extra special gift. My dad would love this one too! Make the father figure in your life feel like a real VIP.  Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch Whisky. This is an authentic re-creation of an original, 19th century blend that includes 60-year-old malt whisky. It was sold to only their most valued customers at the time. This gift would definitely be something to talk about.

For our upcoming Father’s Day celebration I have created a bar cart stocked with these great selections from the LCBO. Having a station set-up like this outside allows you to spend time with Dad as you barbeque him a special dinner, watch the game, or lounge together. Or move it inside and you two can catch-up on how life’s been since the last time you were able to spend time together.

A Gift that Shows Him He’s Important

This gift gives dad some “me” time. Let’s face it, we’ve been cooped up with the people in our house for a long time now. This idea gives Dad a special spot to spend some time on himself. Why not create a shaving station for him?

Take a look around your bathroom and what you have on your countertops. I always say that countertop space is prime real estate so if you’re gifting this to your hubby or your dad… it’s a gift in itself ha! Nice to give them a space to pamper themselves.

Now you’ll need some shaving essentials to complete the space. There are razors and there are game changers! You’ll want to add The Schick Hydro Stubble Eraser to his kit. It’s a compact unit that comfortably shaves away up to 7 days of stubble, making it the perfect gift for a busy dad. Most haven’t needed to go into the office lately so it’s no surprise he might have a little extra stubble. Schick’s unique stubble comb aligns hair to prevent tugging and pulling, giving dad a smooth and comfortable shave.

As a bonus, it’s available at most major retailers. Plus, they’re running a contest right now that gives YOU the chance to win $7,000!!! You can find more information here.

Whatever your father enjoys doing, these gifts will show him he’s special and give him some precious time to spend with you. Happy Fathers’ Day to all the men who have made an amazing impact on the lives of others.

Ryan, Robin and Craig – Happy Fathers’ Day!!!


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