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Well friends, fall is officially here! Have you started your fall decorating yet? Personally, I think the best way to kick off the season is with an updated front porch or entry. With that said, today I’m giving you 5 tips to INSTANTLY transform your front porch.

Fall front porch

  1. Paint- This may seem daunting to a lot of you but you’d be AMAZED at how much paint can transform your space. Last year we painted the brick of our home. You can see that here. The transformation is honestly incredible. Our home went from old and dated to new and modern with some stain. Of course, getting your brick stained can be much more expensive than simply painting your front door. In fact, we did paint our front door and our garage too. When we purchased our home they were white and they looked so dirty. We thought that this coffee brown colour looked amazing against our new grey brick and would hide the dirt as well ha. If you’re thinking about giving your front door a refresh I honestly say why not? It’s simple, it’s inexpensive and it’s fun! Plus, it’s so simple to change out the colour if you want to in the future. If you pop into Lowe’s they have the new HGTV Home By Sherwin Williams line which makes shopping for your paint colour really easy. I’m thinking I’m going to repaint our door in a light blue to give it a burst of colour. 
  2. Texture – For fall you definitely want to incorporate different textures on your front porch to bring it to life. I’m talking about corn stalks, hay barrels, birch logs, textured pillows and throw blankets. All of these things help to create a cozy and inviting entry way for your home all while looking fantastic. These items are also a great way to play with different heights and will help add some dimension to your space. Corn stalks can be really dramatic which I love. Using hay barrels to add height can be helpful too. They make for great fall side tables, stools or pedestals for your fall accessories. 
  3. Accessories- Speaking of accessories, you can’t go wrong with some pumpkins. My biggest tip for accessories is to not go crazy. Make sure you’re choosing some larger elements so that people can see your items from the street. When you choose a lot of smaller accessories your space can look very cluttered very quickly. Stand on the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street to see how your items are coming together. This will help you curate so that things don’t look too busy. These days a lot of people are actually purchasing their accessories online and guys… if you’re shopping online already why not go to airmilesshops.ca and get miles at the same time! They’ve added a bunch of new brands like Etsy, Wayfair and Ticketmaster in addition to the 175 brands they already have online. In fact, the pillows, the black lanterns and the magnolia wreath are all ordered from Wayfair. Everything else on my front porch was picked up at Lowe’s (you can shop Lowe’s on airmilesshops.ca as well). We found a really fun blue and black door mat from Lowe’s this year.
  4. Colour- The easiest way to add some colour is with flowers. Mums are great for this time of year but there really are so many options to choose from. I think it’s important to start by figuring out what your colour palette is going to be. You can look on Pinterest or head to Lowe’s Ideas and Tips section to get inspired. Once you’ve decided on your palette (I’d stick with three colours) then it’s time to pick out your flowers. This year I’ve chosen to use navy, white and green. Of course you can also add colour in your throw pillows, your throw blankets, your door mat and in your flower pots. 
  5. Lighting- It’s really easy to update the look of your home with some new lighting. Whether it’s a wall sconce, ceiling light, solar lighting along the walkway or just by adding some lanterns this can either date or update your home. If you look outside and notice that you’ve had the same wall sconce for about five years… it’s probably time for a change. At Lowe’s there is such a variety of lights to choose from. That’s where we found ours and it was only $22 at the time. Total bargain right? Lowe’s has over 100,000 items to shop online and 40,000 of those are sold exclusively online. In fact, they have one of the largest selections anywhere for home decor. 

Well, I really hope you get to try out these tips for yourself. I’d love to share your front porch makeover on my Instagram. All you have to do is use the hashtag – #jhdfrontporch. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.


*This post was a collaboration with Airmiles and Lowe’s.

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