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Hey friends,

You all know that I’ve done a few Nursery Makeovers now and Evie is only 6 months old. Call me crazy but I love switching up my decor. One easy and practical way to do that is by changing up a pair of shoes on display (No not your stinky shoes… yeah I’m talking to you ha!) I’m mean those cute little itty bitty baby shoes. Of course, your little one will end up wearing them so they’re basically ‘free’ decor right!? That’s what I tell my hubby anyways.

Have you heard of ShoeFairy.ca? I’ve teamed up with them to showcase some of their ADORABLE baby shoes although they’ve got backpacks and hooks and so much more. In fact, normally you’d only be able to shop their collections online but this weekend they’ll have a booth at the Baby Time Show. What a great opportunity to try and buy (and buy some more). I’ve taken some photos of the shoes they’ve sent me so you can see just how flippin cute they are. The best part? The Shoe Fairy Company has a pretty awesome story to back their products as well. Let me explain:

Shoe Fairy.ca  is a Mom and Pop Shop based out Toronto, Ontario. Philip and Olga Lunev had a hard time finding footwear for their two children aged 4 & 7 so they ventured out to find quality shoes for their kids. They knew that there were excellent brands available in Europe that they just couldn’t buy here. So what did they do? They brought those brands to us! International brands Bibi Shoes and Pablovsky both use non-toxic materials, have breathable shoes for your children, provide security and stability while emulating the feeling of being barefoot. So smart! Of course, these shoes will make the transition from crawling to walking so much easier for your child because they won’t feel their shoes getting in the way.

So how can you shop? Philip and Olga encourage you to print off the shoe guide on their site OR you can have an In Home Fitment Service. Just book online or over the phone. This service is currently available to residents in Central Toronto, Richmond Hill and Vaughan. But, on occasion they will make an exception to the rule, so don’t hesitate to ask.

And there’s more good news because they’re currently having a SPRING MADNESS SALE!!!

Buy 2 get the 3rd one for free!!

Don’t forget, you can see many shoes from Bibi Shoes and Pablosky in person this weekend. Also, I’ll be on stage this Saturday at 3:30pm so if you’re there please come say hi! We’ll be giving away 3 Nursery Consultations.

******CONTEST ALERT ******

Want to come to the show? I’m giving away 2 pairs of tickets for this weekend!!! Be sure to follow @theshoefairycanada and @jaclynhdesigns on Instagram and tag a friend on my Instagram feed. Winners will be announced at 7pm tonight. The BabyTime Show is happening April 27-29 at the International Centre in Mississauga.

Thanks for popping by. 


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