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It’s official! We’re halfway through our backyard reno. We’ve taken our measurements, booked for concrete and selected our furniture. Scroll down for Week Three’s update for the One Room Challenge.

This week I’m sharing 4 tips that can help you Design YOUR Backyard. You can watch the video here:

Think you’ll be able to use these tips? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

In our backyard you can see that I’ve strategically placed rugs and umbrellas to separate the different zones (well that’s the plan at least). I like that there is an area of grass that also helps to create a divide between the dining space and the conversation area.

Once we measured the furniture we had selected it was so important to think about placement. The reclaimed teak dining set is about 8 ft long so I needed to make sure it didn’t block any of our entry ways. With this in mind, I placed it in several spots to see where it would fit best and allow for the most efficient traffic flow. I really wanted the walk way into the backyard to be clear as this will be important when we’re barbecuing. I’ve also placed a small bar cart next to our steps to our patio door. There was an awkward nook of empty space so I’ve reclaimed that unused space for entertaining.

Next week it’s concrete week and then everything will start to fall into place. Stay tuned!


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