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If you’re new here, hey! Welcome to my blog. My name’s Jackie and my husband and I just completed our very first home reno. We’ve built homes in the past but those were builder basic. You walk in, pick your finishes and decorate! Easy as 1 2 3. For the last year we bid on 17 homes. 17!!!! (Yes you read that right) It took us an entire year to get into the area that we wanted. When we finally got our place we had to start renos right away. So over the past three months we purchased a 1950s home, completely gutted it, redesigned the entire house and decorated (my favourite part). Of course, we had a lot of decisions to make to really make this home our own and today I’m talking about one BIG decision that completely changed our main floor.
When it came to our living room I knew that I wanted something dramatic and casual at the same time. A strange dynamic right? I had fallen in love with a matte black fireplace that I saw on Pinterest and added it to my vision for the space. I added some warmth with a great sisal rug. I wanted to bring in some mixed metals and I was able to do that with our lighting and our drapery hardware and I didn’t want our tufted sofas to feel to formal or feminine in our living room. To add some context you can see I went with a beautiful tobacco leather chair and I added some pops of blue in the accessories. A crisp white coffee table was the perfect addition to fully complete the space.
Jaclyn Colville- Living Room Vision Board 1.jpg
The main event? 100% without a doubt our fireplace.
To be honest, we initially contemplated going with a gas insert. That’s what we had in our last home and we really enjoyed it. When I went to the Dimplex event last fall and I saw how electric fireplaces have revolutionized my husband was a little weary until he saw it for himself. The flame looks so real!!!! It’s because Dimplex uses a mirage flame panel to make it look so realistic. There are multi layered logs with a mirage of a flame in between to give it such a realistic effect.
Let me talk about some of the features I absolutely love about our Revillusion Fireplace from Dimplex:

  • There’s a non reflective panelling system so you don’t see a reflection.
  • The logs are completely open to give you the illusion that the flame is real! You can even add a blue or red hue to the base of your flame to enhance it with a click from your remote.
  • There’s a firebrick surround in a herringbone pattern.
  • There’s no venting or safety clearing to worry about which means you can literally clad your fireplace with anything you want and you can put it anywhere!
  • Enjoy the flames without the heat or get warm and cozy

JACLYN COLVILLE HOME REVEAL 1.jpgMy absolute favourite thing? How energy efficient it is.
A typical hair dryer on high heat will use around 1500 watts. The Dimplex Revillusion only uses 700 watts. That’s less than HALF the wattage of a blow dryer when it’s in use WITH the heat turned on.
When enjoying the flames without the heat it uses about 40 watts which is the same as a single compact florescent light bulb. How cool is that?
When you look at my main floor overall you can see that the fireplace is really the main event. I think the fact that we used a matte black shiplap to clad the fireplace box just emphasizes that. We are so happy we went electric!
Have you tried out the Revillusion Fireplace from Dimplex for yourself? For more head to Dimplex.com.
Stay tuned this Friday for our Dining Room Reveal video. To watch our Kitchen Reveal click here and for our Living Room Reveal (where you can see our fireplace) click here.
This post was in collaboration with Dimplex. 


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