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You know when you have a crazy life changing thing to do and you decide not to book the week off?!? Yup, I did that and I am SO FLIPPIN tired. About to sit back and relax at my parents right now and fully enjoy a movie night (If I can stay awake).
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I promised you that I’d share an update every Friday. Well,  today we finally wrapped things up at the old house. I had to empty out my closet and clean out our fridge. Do one final clean sweep of the whole house and guess what? It’s finally done! We’ve officially moved in. This week has been so crazy busy. Ryan actually took the week off and his parents helped us move almost every day. I swear, we still barely got everything done. Today, my mom helped me do the finishing touches to get prep for the new owners. I am making a promise to myself (and our families) that the next time we move we’re hiring movers!
See how much got done in the house this week. It’s ALMOST there. Next week we’ll have our kitchen installed!

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