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So today, I’ve been getting work done from home… in my pjs! It was just one of those days that I did not want to get ready for. I’m really feeling the baby kicking lately and I swear I woke up at like 5am from kicking in my belly. I tossed and turned for a few hours, fell back asleep and then pried myself from our bed.

COFFEE STAT! I had a lot of things to check off my work to do list today. Regardless, it’s always a little more fun when you can lounge in your pjs all day and still be productive.
On another note, our house is a completely different story. Ryan and I do a BIG clean every Saturday morning. It works for us. That means some mess during the week (like other people I’m sure. I hope? lol). As a commitment to myself I’ve made a pact to deliver a new video EVERY Friday (we’ll see how long I can do this for) and I’ve been sticking to it so far. With our house reno being a bit slow this week I decided maybe it would be fun to give you a makeup free, pj wearing, real life ‘messy house tour’. So here it is! Click the link… if you dare ;).

Jackie xo

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