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Well guys, we’re about three weeks into our reno now. The videos your seeing are about one week behind so BOY do I have more updates for you :).
This week (in video time) was pretty darn successful. Of course, with any reno you always come across things you don’t expect. For us, that was a leak in the roof AND a crazy amount of joists in our ceiling. Originally we were going to pay for a steel beam in the roof so that we could potentially build above it one day. That plan backfired. Once we saw that there were joists all over the ceiling in all different directions we had no other option but to go with the beams that would work ‘for now’. We ended up with 4 wood beams in our ceiling and things have finally really opened up since then.
We’re waiting on an update for the roof at the moment. Hoping that won’t cost a fortune to fix. They’ll need to get it patched up before they put any of the new drywall on the ceiling. Our ceiling is actually part plaster and part drywall. Instead of ripping the entire ceiling apart and losing all of the insulation our contractor suggested strapping new drywall to the existing ceiling. Everything will be nice and smooth in the end.
Ready to see the progress? Just click play:

More to tell you next week so stay tuned. If you’re new here, I post updates every Friday!
Jackie xo


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