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Well our renos are fully underway. In fact, our contractors start today! We’ve been told that the first few weeks will just be installing the new support beam, recessing it into the ceiling, smoothing things over, drywall and mudding. It wont look like much for several weeks. Now, because this is an older home we actually have plaster and drywall ceilings. Our contractor explained that we’ll need to strap the drywall low enough to make it level and then they will smooth everything over. I’m curious to see how they actually do that.
Of course, from day one when we purchased the home just a month and a half ago I had a vision. I’ve come up with several revisions since then and today I thought I’d share a few:
Jaclyn Colville - Living Room
In this first vision board you’ll find some brighter blues. I fell in love with the drapery fabric and decided to run with it. We currently have a grey tufted sofa so I tried to incorporate that too. To balance everything I wanted to add some warmth. I found this incredible rug from Annie Selke‘s Dash & Albert Collection. It just arrived in the mail the other day and I can’t wait to show you what it looks like! You’ll have to watch my Snapchat or Insta Story for the rug reveal.
Jaclyn Colville Living Room Design 3
With vision board 2 you’ll noticed that I’ve used a different drapery fabric and that I changed out the pillows. I am LOVING this combination. The mix of the warm and cool tones is absolutely perfect. I haven’t even explained our fireplace yet. At this point we’re hoping to built out a section of the wall for our new fireplace and then clad it with shiplap and painted out black. Are you loving the idea as much as I am? I literally can not wait to see that come together.
Jaclyn Colville Living Room Design 2
With this vision board you’ll notice that the coffee table has changed from a warm wood to a white marble. I really have to make up my mind on this one. I think because the fireplace wall is going to be so dark the white coffee table may brighten things up a bit. I seriously love adding warm woods to spaces to balance things out but because the sisal will bring in the warmth I’m not so worried about going with a cooler tone for the coffee table. Also, I’ve got some DIY ideas in the works to add a little more character and warm wood to the space. Stay tuned for that!
Thanks so much for following along on our reno journey. On the main floor i’ll be designing the kitchen, dining room and living room all at once. In fact, you can see the vision for the kitchen here.
I’d LOVE to hear from you. Leave me a comment below to tell me which look is your favourite: Vision Board 1, 2 or 3.
Oh and be sure to check back on Friday for another Home Reno Video!
Jackie xo


  1. Ron Barr says

    Although talk 3 look amazing, in my opionion I prefer option #2. The combination of colours match perfectly and love the drapery. I’m sure whatever design you opt for will look fab in your new/old home. ❤️💯❤️

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