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Jaclyn Colville Featuring Lifestyles By Barons 2First of all, I need to let you know that this is NOT my house even though I really really really wish it was. When I saw the before pictures I just couldn’t believe my eyes. You need to watch the video to understand what I’m talking about. Lifestyles By Barons completely transformed this house. I’d say this is a MEGA MAKEOVER. I mean… talk about luxury. Now I should mention that a lot of time is put into these transformations. You’ll notice from the e-designs, to the demolition, the fixtures, custom woodwork and counter tops that Lifestyles By Barons makes their clients dreams come to life.
Jaclyn Colville Featuring Lifestyles By Barons
I was asked to do some freelance reporting for The Marc and Mandy Show. The show is broadcast across 8 different networks and ironically, that includes CHCH. Needless to say, I absolutely loved working with Lifestyles By Barons and I couldn’t be happier with the features. Stay tuned for another Home Tour next week!

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