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It’s Feature Friday and today I’m showing you some E-Designs that I have put together for different Design Styles. They are all part of an assignment that I am finishing for an online design course.


Traditional Design Style.png
Traditional Design is normally found in formal homes. I designed the room above with that in mind. You’ll find that jewel tones are used, silks and satins are present and there are clean lines throughout. Often in Traditional Design you will find new interpretations of old patterns. Most rooms are neutral with finely crafted details.


Ecclectic Design Style.png
With Eclectic Design you’ll find little bits of this and that. This style tends to resemble the owner of the house because it takes on their favourite design elements from many of the other styles. It’s all about mixing rather than matching and can be changed on a whim.


Garden Design.png
‘Garden’ is an interesting design style. You’ll find lots of live plants in a house mimicked by landscape pictures. Large windows, sweeping views of exterior landscape, interior and exterior furniture are common. You will definitely find patio doors in more than one room of the house.
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What’s your design style? Leave me a comment below.
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  1. nakedaquarist says

    Well I guess I am Old Fashioned. I prefer the comfy cozy look. I have no idea if that is a style. DOH….But I guess I would have to say that I like #1 tradional…

  2. john says

    You are missed from my perspective, I think we could have got rid of a few other unmentionalbles. Hope you are well.

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