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You all know that I love myself a good DIY.

Well, today’s post is literally one MASSIVE DIY Project… but I didn’t do it.

First of all, let me introduce the DIYers for this feature. I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely ladies from Sedgwick Marshall Heritage Homes – Mandy Sedgwick & Mirella Marshall. How did this happen? Let me explain.

My mother in law and I were walking down the street and commenting on this house we saw in the distance. When we got closer we were in awe of how stunning and original it was. When we walked around to the front of the house there was a for sale sign and you guessed it… I HAD to call to find out (how much it was lol) if I could feature it on my blog. Thankfully, Mirella answered my call and seemed intrigued. I was OVER THE MOON about the opportunity to check out this stunning home and to film it!

Sedgwick Marshall Heritage Homes

What is Sedgwick Marshall Heritage Homes?

It is a company founded and owned by Mandy and Mirella. These ladies can take an old heritage home and restore it from the ground up. They actually met during the restoration of Milton’s Waldie Blacksmith Shop. Both are truly passionate about preserving old places and they’re good at it too! That’s how they’ve been able to make a career out of it. I encourage you to check out some of their past projects. (Prepare to be in awe)

Sedgwick Marshall Heritage Homes 4

Sedgwick Marshall Heritage Homes 3

Sedgwick Marshall Heritage Homes 1

Sedgwick Marshall Heritage Homes 2


Transoms: Ok ok… I had never heard of a transom before and I was in awe. They are glass panels above a doorway to bring extra light into a room. Not only are they a beautiful detail but they’re so practical too!

Engineered Hardwood: I’ve been hearing this term more and more. You may be wondering… what is it? What are the benefits of engineered hardwood? Well first of all, it looks just like hard wood. Second of all, it is more resistant to moisture than laminate and hardwood. That means that it’s great for damp basements but it can also be used over heating systems where wood would dry out, shrink or buckle.

Hand Stained Windows: This is a feature you don’t see too often. I feel that people are afraid to use dark colours because most of us know the rule that dark colours enclose a space and make it look smaller. Not in this case. The contrast between the dark stain and the light walls is breathtaking. You’ll notice this theme throughout the house. In fact, it’s a signature of Sedgwick Marshall Heritage Homes.

Double Hung Windows: A double hung window is a beautiful thing. These are found in older homes which is why Mandy and Mirella decided to use them in their restoration. They bring character to the space and emphasize the heritage of the farm home. These windows are easier to clean and they provide better ventilation because the top and bottom sash can be opened and tilted as needed.

Douglas Fir Front Door: This is a custom piece perfect for a custom built home.

Check out my virtual tour and you can see these features for yourself:

I’ll have another new video next week,

Jackie xo







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