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Jaclyn Colville Office Makeover 1

I’ve decided that my next project is going to be my office. This is a space that I use A LOT. When it comes to blogging, tweeting, facebook posts, editing videos and studying for my Interior Design Course… this is my haven. With that being said, it’s time for an office makeover.


Office Makeover

I figure that I can completely makeover this room with just 3 simple steps. Yup… you heard that right. Just 3!

Jaclyn Colville Office Makeover 3

1) My plan is to paint the wall white and then add either a grey, greige or beige horizontal stripe on the wall.

Jaclyn Colville Office Makeover 4

2) I have a black desk in my office right now and I’d love to give it some new life. This step might take a bit more work as I’ll have to completely sand the desk before applying new paint. I’d love to give it a white washed look with some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. By using a ‘rag’ technique I think I can make it look very ‘Restoration Hardware’ if you will. I’m really excited to try this out.

Jaclyn Colville Office Makeover 5

3) I’d like to use the same technique I’m hoping to use on my desk to refinish my office chair. I’m contemplating using a patterned fabric when I reupholster it. I’m loving the combination of blues in the plan that I’ve created so I could see this being a key piece that will set the tone of the room.

Jaclyn Colville Office Makeover

I’m also really looking forward to FINALLY hanging our Degrees and Diplomas.

What do you think of the plan? Suggestions and comments are always welcome. Write me below :).

Until next time,

Jackie xo





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