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ORC Spring2015 Calling it Home

Photo Cred: Calling It Home

On Monday I shared my ‘before’ choices for the One Room Challenge created by Calling It Home. Did you guess which room I would chose? Let’s see if you got it right.

The WINNER is……..   (Drum roll please)

Jaclyn Colville ORC Inspiration

I created this plan using Photoshop. Took me a few hours to make it but it’s reassuring to see my ideas in picture form.

My first project? Art!

I created the painting that you see in the picture and shared a tutorial on Morning Live.

Just click on the picture below to watch it.


  • Canvas- $25
  • Paint- $3.00
  • Brush Set – $5.00

Total Cost: $33.00 (Compare at $200-300)

Jaclyn Colville ORC artwork

What’s next? My hubby and I are heading to Home Depot today to check out their Brick Boards. We’re hoping to create either a faux brick wall OR a wood paneled wall. Some other projects over the next few weeks will include:

  • assembling the bed
  • buying new pillows
  • painting our night stands
  • installing a light fixture.

I did buy some sheets and pillow cases this week so I’m slowly but surely making progress. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

Here’s a look at the before one more time:

Jaclyn Colville ORC Week 1.4

Tune in next Thursday for my One Room Challenge: Week 3 Update!

Jackie xo



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