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Bella Trois- Molly Cake 1
With Easter just around the corner who’s not thinking about Chocolate?

With that being said, Bella Trois decided to hop along the chocolate trail to find the best chocolate Burlington has to offer.

Bella Trois- Molly Cake 2

Have you ever been to Molly Cake?

At first glance you’ll notice their amazing custom cakes but that’s not the only thing that they specialize in. Molly Cake has a variety of sweet treats. Macarons, Salted Caramels to Chocolate Bouchons… trust us, they’ve got it all.

Interested in learning how to make these gourmet sweets at home?

They’ve got classes to show you how. If you’re celebrating an event Molly Cake has got you covered.

Bella Trois- Molly Cake 3- 2
This gem of a Bakery can be found at 361 Brant St. in Burlington. You should definitely check it out!

Psst…. be sure to watch the video to discover how you can get a FREE gift from Molly Cake. For more information on the Chocolate Trail in Burlington visit: http://www.tourismburlington.com/

Bella Trois Molly Cake 5

  • Photographer: Samantha Payne Photography
  • Videographer: Steve Maksymetz
  • Video Edited By: Cara Cameron
  • Big Thanks To: Tourism Burlington & Molly Cake

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