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If you haven’t already heard of

The Skinny Confidential

you are REALLY missing out!!!  Get familiar with this face and prepare to become OBSESSED.


Lauryn Evarts is the creator of The Skinny Confidential. She spent years researching, prepping and practicing her “Skinny Lifestyle’.  She says it’s simple, ” … at the end of the day, life’s all about balance.” Lauryn has created the #1 Health and Lifestyle Blog and it’s by far one of my all time favs. She also has a book titled “A Babe’s Sexy, Sassy Fitness and Lifestyle Guide.” I honestly couldn’t put it down!

Lauryn Evarts2

In the beginning of the book Lauryn talks about Faking It (you know that term we’ve all heard “fake it until you make it”). She says, even if you don’t feel it… radiate positivity, radiate confidence and then before you know it… you’re not faking it anymore.

My favourite line in the book?

  • “Change your relationship with exercise. I hope that you’ll compare exercise to brushing your teeth- it’s something you just do. Not a chore, but a healthy habit.”

Hey if I can look like this just by following Lauryn’s balanced Lifestyle… sign me up. Like seriously.

Lauryn Evarts3

After reading Lauryn’s book I felt inspired. Inspired to watch the things that I eat (NO NOT A DIET but to learn about the ingredients I’m putting in my mouth), excited to try to new recipes (the ones in the book look deee-lish), looking forward to exercise and really pumped to try out Lauryn’s makeup application process. She reminds me of Blake Lively with a dewy, glowing look. Her secret? Mixing your foundation with your moisturizer on your hand before applying it. I’m not going to lie, I tried it out right after reading her book. She also reveals her tips for the perfect beachy hair and bombshell lashes.

Some other things I love about this book?

It’s a quick read.  I spent a lazy morning in bed reading it and I couldn’t put it down. Already, I’ve been going back through it to review her tips and tricks (this woman is a genius!).

Lauryn’s got a FANTASTIC section on portion control. She says, that just like everyone else, she has her cravings. Lauryn claims that you shouldn’t deprive yourself of the things your craving because you’ll only want them more in the end. Instead, she suggests portion control. Not only is there a great portion control chart in the book but Lauryn also reveals her portion secret…. portion sized bowls (where the heck can I find these things… like now).

Lauryn Evarts 4

Lauryn also has a chapter on relationships. She gives tips and tricks on how to eat healthy even if your partner doesn’t.  And of course… with any good meal is a good drink. Right? Lauryn has amazing juicing, smoothie and cocktail recipes for men and women.

My favourite cocktail tip from the book?

“If you’re going to drink alcohol, at least make sure you’re adding the freshest ingreds possible. Don’t add more artificial crap to something that’s already not beneficial to your health (booze).”

So smart! So basically try to make sure you’re adding some lemon, lime, orange or berries to get the benefits of something good … while drinking something not so good for you.

Check out her adorbs video on how to make a Kombucha Spritzer:

I hope you enjoy The Skinny Confidential as much as I do. I highly recommend her book!

Until next time,

Jackie xo







  1. Cynthia says

    This seems really interesting! I’m definitely going to check out her book. Thanks Jaclyn 🙂

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