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Remembering Nicola Jones


She was a friend, a role model and a colleague of mine. One of the strongest women I have ever met. Nicola always knew the right things to say. I found myself racing down the stairs after my traffic hits just to chit chat. I could go to her with anything and everything.  Definitely one of the smartest, kindest and funniest people I have ever met. I loved her like a sister.

Just last week I sent Nicola this photo:

NicolaShe responded:

“Haha. Look I have hair!!!!”

Of course she would try to make me laugh even when she was suffering. That’s just who she was.

In the very last message Nicola wrote me she asked me to bring her a wand she had brought back from Disney. It had been sitting at the station sitting right next to our bobble heads. She told me that her niece wanted to use it for a Halloween costume. Again, during her last few hours before heading to Mexico she was thinking about someone else.

She then wrote:

Thanks Gorgeous xx Congrats on all the exciting things happening in your life- you deserve it! Proud of u.”

This past summer, even though she was struggling to walk, Nicola joined Bob and I at the Dundas Valley School of Art to create some pottery for a charity auction. Again, giving back to her community… thinking of others.


“Rainbows, Sunshine and Unicorns” was our motto. We didn’t care if people thought we were wacky as long as we had fun. Nicola really knew how to have fun. Chair racing during commercial breaks, running down the hallways, interrupting cooking segments to eat the food. Needless to say we had a blast together… and not just at work! Nicola and I would get together to do projects: make inspiration boards, plan future segments, meet for coffee, go shopping, bake etc.

Nicola Jones and Jaclyn Colville

One Christmas Nicola decided that we should surprise everyone on the Morning Show with a gift. She called around and was able to get bobble heads made for the hosts of Morning Live. She secretly sent the photos and organized the order. When they arrived at Christmas we presented them to Bob, Annette and Lori live on the air. Everyone loved them!  I know I’ll cherish mine forever.

Nicola Jones Morning Live

Lastly, it’s moments like these that really make you stop to think about what’s important in life. Nicola can remind us of that.

Live every day like it’s your last. Take care of your body, your health. Love unconditionally.

I want to share Nicola’s favourite interview of all time. She loved telling people’s stories and this is definitely a memorable one. (Nic… I know this interview meant soo much to you) : 

“Your love was my miracle.” Love you always,

Jac xo


For more on the fundraiser for Nicola head to:



  1. duke3141 says

    So sorry to hear of your friend and collegue Nicola Jones Jacyln! my condolences sent too you your CHCH FAMILY and of course Nicola’s family…..

  2. Heather Hanson says

    Thanks Jaclyn….Nicola touched so many people….even today. ..after she has passed. …not only did she inspire me to write in my diary …reminding myself that God has a plan beyond all of us…but just now i am inspired to pick up Dan’s book of inspiration….to accept the life i am given…and not always say “what if”….direct fron Nicola’s favorite interview.

    I truly believe….that as hard as it is for Nicola to leave her beautiful son…and vica versa….i believe that God needed Nicola as an angel so her goodness can be spread further from beyond the grave.
    I am sorry for your pain…find peace and share her joy.


  3. Wendy Strong says

    Thank you for sharing your photos and memories of Nicola; I am so upset today about her passing and I never even met her in person. I cannot image the loss you and your other CH friends must feel.

  4. Dawn Sutherland says

    RIP pretty lady and my thoughts are with your family and co workers and I know your love for life will go on in your son and all who had the privilege to know you. God be with you… Dawn Sutherland

  5. Suzanne King says

    Although I never met Nicola in person, I feel that she was a great friend to many. I watched her every morning on CHCH and got to know the real Nicola. I weep today as many over the world so for her loss. My sympathies go to your CHCH family and please remember…Nicola would not want you to weep. Rejoice to her new life and keep the memories that you all shared close to your heart and carry her with you always. God Bless you, Nicola and your families. Heaven is rejoicing today, to greet their new angel. xx

  6. Nat P says

    I never met her in person, but I can’t help it but to cry! 🙁 I can’t imagine how you’re feeling! So sorry for your loss…she is a beautiful ~angel~ that will always be there with you. Big hugs to her little guy…I have one of my own and will hug him extra today for Christian 🙂 hugs..we love watching you on CHCH 🙂

  7. Tom Allan says

    Jaclyn, I cant think of a better person that you could have picked to br your role model. She was a beautiful person inside and out and will be missed terribly by you and her CH family. No one will miss her more than her son and I feel so sorry for a boy to lose his mom at such a young age. Condlences to you, to her family and to her CH family. RIP Nicola. Tom Allan

  8. Cindy says

    Jaclyn………Thankyou for sharing…..what a beautiful lady….thoughts and prayers are with her family

  9. Sandra Llewellin says

    Nicola was a beautiful person inside and out and will be truly missed by all that watched her everyday on CHCH. Always smiling no matter what she was dealing with, may her smile live on in her son.

  10. Nancy Miele says

    Watch you guys every day feeling so sad thinking about a person that meant so much to me and everyone else Nicola was surely take to soon Condolences to you and all at chch very difficult times praying for all of you

  11. Lisa Baetz says

    That was beautiful – thinking of you everyone at CHCH, her friends, family, and her son. Such a special person – gone far too early.

  12. Hassan Jaffer says

    HI Jaclyn,

    So happy to see that Nicola had lovely friends like you who would share these wonderful moments. I am an engineer but also an astrologer and wrote books on Palmistry as well. I only met Nicola once when I was doing an interview with Lori and remember her having Head line totally separate from the Life Line. This makes one very positive and dynamic and many motivational speakers are born with it. The only problem is that they take on so much.

    It is amazing how much she wrote and a lot of what she wrote is actually very valuable. We are not going to let her sacrifices go in vain. I am going to be writing about her once I have her time of birth and I know exactly what she was going through and what she needed to offset it. Hopefully it will help a lot people and anything which lifts the spirit of others would be exactly what Nicola would have wanted.

    The soul lives on and I am sure she will keep inspiring many people who knew her and her son will grow up to be all she wanted him to be.

    We share your sacred sadness and hope we can do justice to her beautiful and giving spirit. You can always write to me at stargaze@astrotrends.net. I know I will be spending a lot of my time doing research and helping understand how we can offset these themes.

    Nicola will be happy how many people loved her and miss her. May she find the peace and happiness her soul craved. Words may fail to express our thoughts but our tears reflect our feelings as we all join as a community and our hearts feel the love she shared so easily with everyone. Hassan Jaffer

  13. Steve says

    My condolences to you and your colleagues. Grow from her strength and have happiness in knowing her.


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