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Ok girls! Here’s another tutorial on how to get loose tussled curls. I honestly think this took me 10 minutes ‘flat”. Get it? lol (Bad joke I know)

Tussled Hair 2

Seriously though, I’m really excited about this tutorial because I have always been a straightener girl… if you use a straightener to curl your hair you know exactly what I’m talking about. I had always wanted to try a curling wand but they can be a little intimidating. In this video I am using the QT Performance Clipless Curling Wand with a 1 1/2″ Barrel. I really like the bigger barrel because your hair doesn’t wrap around it as much as a smaller barrel (obviously) which ultimately leaves you big loose curls.


Hope you get a chance to try out these products. If you’re interested I’m using:

QT Performance Clipless Wand (1 1/2″ Barrel)

Thermal Shine Spray


Until our next DIY,

Jackie xo


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