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Our Daughter’s Bedroom Makeover

If you clicked on this post then you’ve decided to come “Behind The Design” of our daughter Evie’s bedroom makeover. We LOVE how this room turned out.

Let’s start by appreciating the before so we can really see the transformation come to life.

The jumping off point for this entire design was some wallpaper from Tiffany Janell Creative Studio. I looked at so many different wallpapers before coming across her shop on etsy. This dreamy pattern was a MUST for Evie’s bedroom.


If you’re using a busy wallpaper like this one try your best to keep everything else tonal. If you want to incorporate another pattern aim to make it much smaller OR much larger than the “feature” of the space. Simple and tonal draperies & bedding can also help bring the space together without feeling too busy.

If you’re in the middle of designing or decorating a child’s bedroom my go to is always books. Whether they’re on shelves, a dresser or displayed in a cubby they just add so much colour and whimsy to a kid’s space. If you want the room to look cohesive try to choose 1-4 colours that work with the rest of the space and keep those books “on display”. The others can be tucked away where they can easily be reached.

When it comes to artwork don’t feel as though you need “kid” art for the space. In fact, I like to showcase vintage and more “grown up” pieces to break up the dynamic of the room. The beautiful gold embellished mirror does the same thing in Evie’s room. It’s a much more traditional piece that helps to break up all the whimsy.

Hooks are another great element that can help to break up a busy pattern on the wall. Let your child hang dresses or costumes. There’s something about kids and “their stuff” that makes me laugh. This is a great way to let their personality shine by allowing then to have a few of their favourite items on display. I also think it’s really important to get them involved without letting them design the entire room.

Don’t forget to check out Tiffany’s Etsy site here. A HUGE thank you to Tiffany Janell Creative Studio for being a part of this collaboration.

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