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Taking A Coffee Break At Home

Do you find yourself losing focus mid-afternoon? In need of an afternoon coffee break? I sure do! With both of us working at home, Ryan and I decided to convert our bar area into a coffee station.

The idea was perfect! Take our existing bar area (which we weren’t using without having guests over) and make it a place for an in-home coffee break. Then we can get away from our desks but not have to go far. It’s an easy way to change our environment without having to leave the house. It’s perfect for a mid-afternoon boost in productivity and creativity. And it was so easy to create with just a few products.

Step 1 – Create the look

First, we needed to get some supplies and add some décor. The perfect place to get what we needed was Staples. Staples Canada has the tools to fit any type of workspace. In our case it was a coffee station but you can also shop Staples Canada for offices, playrooms, gaming and more! I just love the stunning mugs we got there. They have several exclusive lifestyle brands, including General Supply Goods + Co. and the Joe Mimran-designed Gry Mattr who the marble mugs came from.  These collections include pieces that are both functional and stylish! Perfect for the inception of a comfortable working environment. Plus Staples offers fast and free delivery so I was able to stay safe as I shopped. And everything arrived at my home quickly so I could pull together our coffee station quickly and easily. They even have décor items like an adorable mini globe … so I can dream of trips we can take one day! And I picked up organizers for the other supplies I needed that can do double duty as a coffee holder or for crafting supplies.

Step 2 – Stocking the station

Our coffee station needed … coffee! Have you heard of Nescafe Sweet & Creamy? These lovely little packets are the perfect way to relax and re-charge when you need an afternoon boost. They are individual packets that are ready to go. No sugar or cream needed. They come in a variety of flavours like Mocha, Caramel, Original and my favourite French Vanilla. Life is hectic enough so why not make your coffee simple with these little treasures that are big on taste? For our front-line workers who are constantly being taxed, take one little packet to work with you for a quick pick-me-up.

It’s easy to dedicate a little spot in your home to creating your own coffee station. And the benefits are huge. One day we will be able to go out for coffee again but this is great for now!




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