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Yup… you read that right. There’s actually a mattress that lets YOU decide whether you want Plush or Firm and guess what??? You can change your mind whenever you want!
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I’ve partnered with Bill’s Bed to test this out for myself. Being pregnant, I am looking for the most comfortable sleep I can possibly get and right now that means PLUSH. I need the extra cushion to get a decent sleep. I do think that I might be looking for something a little more firm after the baby’s born and I’m thrilled that I’ll be able to try that out as well. We’ll simply have to flip our mattress over. It’s as easy as that!
DID YOU KNOW…. that the average person spends about 2,555 hours in bed a year. That’s 12,775 hours in 5 years! So why don’t we invest in a mattress that caters to our sleep and our individual needs?
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Truthfully, deciding which mattress to buy has always been a BIG decision. You’re committed to that thing for the next 5-10 years right? So yeah… you better be sure you’re choosing the right surface for your sleep. Why no one has ever thought to make a double sided mattress is beyond me. I think it’s absolutely fantastic that Bill’s Bed allows you to change your mind because let’s face it… people have different sleep preferences and people like choice.
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Bill’s Bed is backed by a 10- year warranty and you won’t believe this… they’ll actually give you a 100-night guarantee. You can literally sleep on your bed for 3 months and they’ll take it back if it’s not the sleep you’ve been looking for. Literally… they will come to your house and pickup your bed. That’s how much they believe in their mattress. Obviously Bill understands good customer service. He’s been in the bed business for over a decade now. He was actually the National Materials Manager for Sealy Canada from 2005-2013 and he has also worked for one of Canada’s largest Mattress Manufacturers- Kingsdown. He’s such a nice guy! I can honestly say that because Bill took the time to personally deliver my new mattress himself. I couldn’t believe that he had not one but two Bill’s Beds in his car. He said that he could have fit a queen box spring as well. They come in a box that can be easily carried up to a high rise condo or can conveniently fit up narrow stairs and into a narrow entryway. A king bed has never been so easy to move. Seriously though, when have you ever seen one person move a mattress? I know I haven’t. I was so impressed that Bill delivered our new mattress not just to the front door but right to our guest bedroom. Now THAT’S service.
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Ok… so how does this actually work?
Bill’s Beds have a seven-inch density core that serves as the supportive layer for both sides. It’s sandwiched firmly by a firm memory foam topper on one side and a plush density material on the other.

  • has a zipper to take off the mattress cover for easy cleaning
  • highly resistant to bacteria, mold and mildew, mites and other odour causing germs
  • has a 10-year warranty
  • 100 night sleep guarantee (or full refund)
  • all of the mattress foams are poured and assembled right her win the Greater Toronto Area
  • all foam is CertiPur certified
  • Five standard sizes available
  • arrives in a golf bag sized box
  • all mattresses come completely sealed for easy maneuvering
  • the only 100% Canadian Made Mattress that offers double-sided sleeping

It’s said that the ‘set up’ takes about 30 minutes. You can watch the tutorial here. I just double checked and my complete setup literally took me 5 MINUTES! I feel like I’m yelling cause I can’t believe it. JUST 5 MINUTES to setup a Queen size mattress (and I’m pregnant!). Come on… that’s pretty impressive.
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I encourage you to check out the price points here. Their beds are SUPER reasonable. Please let me know if you get to test out the PLUSH or FIRM for yourself. I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Until next time,
This blog post was in collaboration with Bill’s Bed.

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