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On Thursday night I was invited to check out the new #MethLab Studio on Wellington Street W. It was an exclusive media event to showcase the grand opening of their new space and it was #lit! (That’s what the cool kids are saying these days right? lol)
Right when you walk into the space you feel like you’re in a subway station. I literally inspected the walls to find that they used wallpaper but I could have sworn it was paint. It was really hard to tell. Looked incredible! A fitting entrance for such a creative agency.
ONE METH (71 of 113).jpg
When you walk through the ‘subway doors’ you literally step right into a concept store. Some really creative brands are all showcased in a one stop shop where you can find curated items from brands like: Faded Lifestyle| One Meth Goods | Stance Socks | Incase Bags | Krink Markers
ONE METH (1 of 113)ONE METH (2 of 113)ONE METH (3 of 113)
ONE METH (102 of 113).jpg
One of the brands featured is actually owned and operated by a good friend of ours- Jonathan Shimoni. His parents own King Textiles so he grew up surrounded by fabrics and fashion. I have to admit, Jon is the most attentive person with fabrics that I have ever met! So much so, that he started creating his own combinations of merino wool, bamboo and organic jersey cotton for his own line – Faded. It’s a Canadian brand, locally made with incredibly curated fabric creations. It’s an amazing line exclusive to guys that has sales across the globe. In fact, Justin Bieber is a big fan and believe it or not that triggers sales internationally! Don’t believe me? Click here.
ONE METH (73 of 113).jpg
If you’re looking to check out OneMethod’s new space you’ll find it comes fully equipped with a bar, a few lofts, a kitchen, boardrooms and you know… a basketball court. See the space for yourself here.
ONE METH (86 of 113).jpg
ONE METH (79 of 113).jpg
ONE METH (80 of 113).jpg ONE METH (98 of 113).jpg
ONE METH (106 of 113).jpg
ONE METH (87 of 113).jpg
ONE METH (49 of 113).jpg
ONE METH (97 of 113).jpgONE METH (64 of 113).jpg
I think my absolute favourite part of the space might have to be the main boardroom. Scroll down to see what I’m talking about. The black framed glass walls, dark floors, warm woods and those incredible leather chairs!!! I swear I’d get so much work done in there ;).
ONE METH (83 of 113).jpg
Think you’d like an office like this? Leave me a comment down below.
A big congratulations to Methlab on their grand opening last week. Such a successful event and what an incredible space!


  1. Suzanne Harper says

    Great Job Jaclyn…. this is your calling girl you are So Good at this social media thing!
    Hope they paid you because that is worth 💰!

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