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My New LOB!

Jaclyn Colville Short Hair

Ok ok… I didn’t personally cut off my hair. I let the professionals at Keora Aveda Salon in Burlington do it. Jennifer coloured my hair just last week and Rebecca chopped it all off today (with my permission of course).

What inspired me to do this!? Definitely not this photo. This is me in grade 6… my worst hairstyle to date. Worst yearbook photo I’ve ever taken but hey, we’ve all had our awkward years right? Ha!


Before making the final decision to cut my hair I was inspired by several celebs. The LOB (Long BOB) is all the rage these days and I just had to try it out for myself.

Marianna Hewitt


Julianne Hough jules-nyfw-2015-2

Taylor Swift 051e82176089ba59417a7bf1bf6d29d5

Olivia Palermo thefancy

Lauren Conraded275b9d8ce786792389a3c0724f3502

Kim Kardashian 


Olivia Culpo


When sitting in the chair I swear I ALMOST chickened out but I reminded myself that most of use live every day doing the same old thing. We repeat what we do at work… the gym… for dinner…

“It’s fun to change things up every now and then.”

And remember… it’s just hair; it’s going to grow back. Already, I can’t stop looking at it. It feels amazing. Like SOO healthy! That’s because Rebecca chopped off the dead ends, gave me a botanical treatment (these make your hair feel UNREAL) and she thinned it out.

Jaclyn Colville Short Hair 1

Jaclyn Colville Short Hair 3

Jaclyn Colville Short Hair 6

Jaclyn Colville Short Hair 9

Jaclyn Colville Short Hair 3

Jaclyn Colville Short hair 6

What do you think? Feeling like getting a LOB now?

Feel free to leave me questions and comments below.

Tune in on Friday for my Living Room Reveal!

Until next time,

Jackie xo




  1. Ron Barr says

    I think it looks great, a little thinner and thank god you didn’t go too short. You have such a wonderful sense of style and such a beautiful personality to go with it. All the best 👍✌️❤️😋

  2. Linda says

    Looks good. I can relate. My hair was white-gray and I had help last week colouring my hair an ash blonde. Every time I passed a mirror I would do a double take and wonder who that was. Your new style suits you.


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