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We all know that U.V. Rays are bad for our skin. I’m talking about wrinkles, sun spots, rubbery skin and worst of all skin cancer. With my Irish background I am prone to freckles and sun burns. Needless to say, I have always wanted a great summer tan without tanning beds or painful sun burns.

Here are my top 3 products to give you a healthy summer glow:

Million Dollar Tan Spray

Million Dollar Tan
O.M.G. this stuff smells like coconut! It’s like a vacation without the actual vacation part. Just be careful, if you don’t rub it in properly it can be blotchy in areas. The good news? It tends to blend in extremely well.

Also, this product is NOT tested on animals. You may be thinking… but what about chemicals? Guess what!? Million Dollar Tan only uses only the highest quality, organic DHA without adding any fillers or parabens.

Can you tell it’s my favourite? Definitely a must try!




This is my number 2 product for a healthy glow because it gives you a great gradual tan. Not as dark as the Million Dollar Tan but still noticeable. It is not blotchy and it does not come off on your clothes. Hey, it even lasts for several days. The only bad thing… the tanning smell that lingers on your skin. If you don’t mind the smell you’re golden (Get it? Golden…).

St. Tropez

St. Tropez

Overall, I was dissapointed with this lotion. I love the dark colour because it made it easy to apply. You can see exactly where you are putting it. So what didn’t I like? Well… it came off on my clothes, felt as though it was melting off, had the gross ‘tanning’ smell and it washed right off in the shower. Great for a one time use but a lot of work for just one night. Be sure to pack your perfume for this one! (They do have other products I haven’t tried yet)


Here’s to a great summer!

Jaclyn Colville Summer

Until our next DIY,

Jackie xo


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