Last week when Evie and I were about to head out to get groceries a truck pulled up with our HelloFresh Box. It was the best surprise as I didn’t have to plan meals for three nights that week! If you have kids or just a busy lifestyle you can understand how valuable that is.

HelloFresh Review - Pronto Plan

FUN FACT: Did you know that the box can last for up to two days outside? When I opened up our box I was really impressed with all the ice packs inside.

It was like Christmas opening up the box to see what meals we had for the week. We received the:

  • Turkey Enchiladas
  • Seared Steak and Homemade Baked Fries
  • Middle Eastern Spiced Chicken

HelloFresh Review - Chicken Enchiladas / Steak and Baked French Fries / Jaclyn Harper

We decided to test out the enchiladas first. Guys, they were SO SO SO GOOD. The ingredients were super fresh and the combinations were so unique. Definitely something I wouldn’t have thought to have made on my own. I loved the simplicity of the recipes, the wow factor of the taste and the convenience of having everything ready to go and not having to think about what to make. I’m not one to love cooking but I’m telling you… this was fun. This meal was also hubby approved. It was actually our favourite of the three and we can’t stop talking about it. With this dish there was a salad of cucumbers, radish, lime and cilantro on top. The spicy with the cool salad was just the most amazing pairing. I would highly recommend this one.

Up next was the seared steak. This meal took a littler longer than I had anticipated but was a pleasant surprise. We also only received one piece of meat so we were confused as to whether or not it was for two people. It turns out, sometimes they put two servings in one package to use less plastic. In the end, it was more than enough food. Our favourite part about this dish was actually the french fries. First of all, we had never tried to make our own so it was amazing to see how quick and easy they were to make. We seasoned them with ionized course sea salt and I swear that’s what made them taste so yummy! They were crispy and salty and oh soo good. Something else that I REALLY liked about this meal was the topping for the steak. Definitely something I wouldn’t have thought to make myself. It was a mixture of butter, parsley and grated garlic. It was delicious and again so easy to whip up.

Last but not least, the middle eastern spiced chicken. This dish was really yummy. The thing we loved about this meal was again the toppings. We make rice and chicken in our house on a weekly basis so this was a nice change on a classic that we love. The flavours in this dish were amazing. We loved the spices on the chicken and the homemade tahini dressing (we’ll be making that again). I was really really impressed with the fresh ingredients, the simplicity of the meal and the flavours of this dish.

Our favourite thing about this meal delivery service?

Mine: The toppings- the sauces and finishing toppings on all three dishes were things I would have never thought to have made on my own but that made each dish.

Ryan’s: The change. We’re a busy family of three and we find we make a lot of the same dishes for dinner. It’s just easy when you don’t have to think about what to make. It was really nice to try some new recipes with the convenience of not having to think about what to make or what to buy.

We really enjoyed our HelloFresh Experience and would definitely consider ordering a subscription. It would actually make for an amazing Christmas gift or baby shower gift.

Have you tried it yet? Let me know down below. For more information head to hellofresh.ca.



*HelloFresh sent me these items for a personal review.


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